Kate Rusby Of all the stars in Folk Music’s wondrous firmament few shine as brightly as Yorkshire’s Kate Rusby. A remarkable interpretive singer, Kate’s soulful vocals resonate with the wistful beauty of an earthbound angel. Inhabiting a lyric with unforced conviction – no matter how old or how modern – she has that rare ability to transport her audience, of touching them emotionally and making each tune live vividly within their experience and imagination. It’s a precious gift attained not by resource to decibel blasting or histrionics but through simplicity, understatement and faith in the narrative drive of the songs she chooses to sing.

Nick Cooke

Nick was born and bred in Somerset, and his family of musicians and dancers nurtured his natural love for music. Having learned to play for traditional dance, Nick immersed himself in the traditional music of England and France, particularly focusing on playing for dancing. From the age of 13, Nick was performing at local ceilidhs, leading to regular performances at festivals and events all over England, as well as at several international events in Europe, USA, Vietnam and Canada.  

Damien O'Kane

Damien O’Kane is a musician of many talents. He’s a singer. A very good one, too, with a relaxed, assured vocal style that exudes a natural warmth and empathy with the colourful characters who occupy his songs. He’s also a brilliant banjo player. And a fine guitarist. And an ingenious arranger. Not to mention an accomplished tunemaker, researcher, bandleader and accompanist of rich imagination and fearless vision.

Duncan Lyall

“In traditional music, with its myriad, deceptively demanding metrical nuances, bass players with the finesse to lift and enhance – rather than weigh down and deaden – a tune or song are rare and highly prized: hence Duncan Lyall… is a very busy man” Sue Wilson, Sunday Herald Duncan is the bass player for English folk singer Kate Rusby and Scottish folk supergroup Treacherous Orchestra. Read More

Aaron Jones

Born a twin in Poole, Dorset in early 1974 to Northern Irish parents, Aaron has lived and worked in Scotland for most of his life. Although he currently reside in the beautiful Scottish Borders, he spend much of his year touring in the USA and throughout the UK and Europe. He has recorded on countless traditional albums and appeared on numerous TV and radio shows worldwide as he continues to work regularly with some of the biggest names in 'folk' music.

Steven Byrnes

Steven Byrnes is from Co. Kilkenny. He has been residing in the United Kingdom since 2004; here he attained a degree in music with Thames Valley University and is now playing music full time both at home and abroad. Read More
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